We have been custom tuning GM gas vehicles and Ford gas and diesel trucks and cars with OEM experience since 1995 including all the Powerstroke diesels. We have owned and tested on our own vehicles, from the 7.3L to the all new 6.7L, supercharged Mustangs, and all F150s including the new F150 EcoBoost. We know what works and what doesn't. Don't settle for the other tuners who claim to know what they are doing but have never owned any of the vehicles that they sell products for. Don't be a tuning tester! Ask before you buy what experience the company has. We also offer export tuning for vehicles (including the heavy duty trucks) going to other parts of the world with different fuel requirements - call for more details.

Ford 7.3L custom


Ford 6.0L custom


Ford 6.0L custom

FICM tuning

Ford 6.4L

DPF ON tuning

Ford 6.7L

 DPF ON Green tuning

Ford F150 and


Ford 3.5L


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KEM Performance, Inc. News

Cummins and Duramax Support for the TLAP

KEM is now offering our TLAP for the GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins trucks! See here for Cummins and here for Duramax.

Export Vehicle Tuning

Do you have a vehicle that needs tuning for the different fuels in other parts of the world? Well look no further than KEM. We can do export tuning on all Ford vehicles and many brands of commercial vehicles (proof of export will be required). Call or email us for more details.

File Update Information

Click here for a list of updates. KEM Updater program can be found here. Updater program install and usage directions can be found here.

KEM Performance releases our 6.7L DPF ON Special Edition SD card!

Why delete the DPF and risk a fine, get the KEM Special Edition DPF ON SD card with power gains up to 160+ RWHP! We do what others say can't be done! Have the best of both worlds, more power and better fuel economy!

KEM Performance 6.7L Powerstroke runs 14.4 at the track!

Check out the video and time slip for our tuned 6.7L (fuel only, no nitrous or propane) at the track.  

KEM Performance is now a H&S custom tuning dealer!

Now you can get KEM Performance 6.7L (DPF ON Green tuning), and 6.4L (DPF ON) diesel tunes on your Black Maxx,  Mini Maxx, or XRT Pro tuner. Check out our product list or email us for more information.

KEM Performance is now a SCT custom tuning dealer

Now you can get KEM Performance 7.3L, 6.0L, and 6.4L diesel tunes on your SCT tuner. We also offer custom tuning of all Mustangs, EcoBoost Cars, F150 trucks (all engines), and F Series Super Duty gas engined trucks. Check out our product list or email us for more information.  

KEM Performance and Rudy's Diesel Performance at the track!

With KEM Performance tuning, Aaron ran his highest MPH for a 6.4L truck, 10.7 at 133.76!  

VW and Audi diesel custom tuning now available!

We now offer onsite tuning for VW and Audi diesels. Call or email us for more details.

Competition products

We have tuning available for the true racer. This tuning is for competition use only, never to be used on a public highway. Please call us to discuss your racing needs. All of our competition products require a signed disclaimer returned to us via email or fax before the tuning / products will ship. The disclaimer can be downloaded from here: Disclaimer

KEM 6.7L Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2011 to 2014 F250 to F550 Powerstroke trucks.

KEM is proud to introduce our 6.7L Powerstroke turbo upgrade kit!  This kit contains everything needed to upgrade the turbo on your 2011-2014 F250 to F550*.  Our kits are the only ones on the market that are engineered to be 100% DPF friendly and street legal, requiring NO EMISSION PARTS REMOVAL.  It is available in both Borg Warner 63mm and 66mm sizes with or without an optional wastegate from TurboSmart.  Along with the added power from the turbo upgrade, our test vehicles have even seen an increase in fuel economy but as all driving styles and trucks vary, fuel economy increases are not guaranteed. This kit contains a non-VGT turbo, so it will require custom tuning - tuners in stock and available to add to your orders. Why risk removing all your emissions equipment to get a more reliable, durable, and powerful truck?  With KEM, you don't have to!

March 1st is the anticipated starting shipping date.


Call or email us with questions and/or to be put on the waiting list.


Introductory price: $3799 (wastegate and tuner additional)


*Different parts are required for Cab/Chassis trucks -  Please note this when ordering.



Tune your truck like a  pro with the KEM tuning package! Have you wanted to try and tune your truck and just did not know where to start? Well Nutty Professor is here to help you out! This complete package has everything needed to tune your engine and transmission on the 6.4L and 6.7L FORD Powerstroke trucks using the MCC software and your H&S Mini Maxx XRT Pro, or Black Maxx (including the new street tuners!)  Don't have a tuner yet? We have a package which also includes the Mini Maxx tuner.
Each kit comes with the following:

* MCC license for your Mini Maxx or Black Maxx Tuner (Street or Race)
* Two Starter Files
* Tuning Support
* FREE test files!

Tuning package is $400 for either the 6.4L or the 6.7L Ford Powerstroke (more details)


Tuning package for 2007 to 2012 Dodge Cummins (details) and

2011 to 2014 GM Duramax (details) now available! $300.

Tuning package including the Mini Maxx is $1199SOLD OUT



The new KEM Updater Program is now available to automatically update your KEM Special Edition SD Card!


Click Here for the install program

Click Here for install and use instructions


This program can also be used for KEM firmware updates if you updated your H&S tuner and now your KEM card does not work. Just send us an email (no phone calls please) with your VIN, tuner type, and where you purchased your SD card from and we will let you know when your KEM firmware is ready to be downloaded.


 Please read all of the instructions FIRST before installing and downloading the program and update files (link to instructions above). If the program says there are no updates available, make sure that your VIN was entered correctly and in all capital letters. If you are still experiencing issues, please email a picture of the issue along with a description of what is the happening to sales@kemperformance.com - NO Phone Calls Please!



Is your 6.7L shifting too hard on your H&S while using the KEM card? Download instructions from here to adjust your shift firmness on your truck.




Free Shipping on all orders over $25! (48 states only) Shipments to Canada will be $50 via USPS.


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